/FGB Taster Session Offer Nov 2018
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FGB Taster Session Offer Nov 2018

Amelia Critchlow will be offering 15 minute Taster Theta Healing® Sessions on Friday 23rd November 2018.

Having recently joined Feel Good Balham as a Theta Healer® Practitioner Amelia is delighted to offer these exclusive taster sessions at £25 for a 15 minute slot with

In this time:

  • You get to identify the one area you would really like to resolve in your life right now (a block, something you’re unable to manifest, an ongoing problem)
  • Get to understand why it is showing up in your life as an ‘issue’
  • Receive a mini energy healing around this area
  • Plus you go home with some specific tips and techniques for you to use
  • Understand how Theta Healing® method works to see if it’s right for you

Amelia’s full sessions are usually £147 for a full hour in person (+ pre-session discussion via email)

She would love to meet you and get to know a little bit more about what challenges you are facing and how we might begin to resolve them together.

Theta Healing is a simple yet powerful healing modality that embraces quantum energy (energy scanning) applied kinesiology to uncover subconscious, self-limiting beliefs (which are the basis of many ‘challenge’ areas in people’s lives) and Theta Healing® method then works with releasing and replacing these beliefs with more positive and empowering ones to move forward whilst healing current issues.