/How the Energy Field affects your abilities to manifest
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How the Energy Field affects your abilities to manifest

You are constantly manifesting, you are a creator, you don’t manifest everything that happens to you because you live in a world with others, and so group consciousness is at play also.

There are a number of factors to manifesting.

The first is the awareness of your own mental programming and environmental conditioning, which form your beliefs and habits, a lot of this can be addressed by NLP and various other wealth/success courses.

The other criteria’s for manifesting your hearts desires are based on:
1. The resonance of your heart
2. If it’s aligned to your purpose and path
3. Time
4. Strength of your intention
5. The clarity, strength and stability of your field.
6. The ability to go beyond your comfort zone

I’ll go into this in a lot more detail, but please do understand manifesting isn’t just repeating positive affirmations and can be a lot more complicated. I’ve tried to keep it simple and brief.

1.Resonance of the heart
The heart has a magnetic energy. If it’s not resonating at its full capacity the attraction won’t be as strong.
So if you’ve had your heart broken and not processed the emotions properly. This will sit in your field as a pattern. It doesn’t disappear if you’ve suppressed the experience or disconnected from it. It will be harder to accept love or meet someone who is ready to give you the love you desire to experience.

2. Purpose and Path
It has to be part of your purpose, what does purpose look like, whatever lights up your heart. The challenge is to pursue it and see what evolves out of it, as a society we’re told to figure out our goal and then focus on that and it most incorporate money, status or fame.
Whatever you’re trying to manifest has to align to whoever this affects. If it’s not aligned to their purpose it simply won’t happen.

3. Timing
You need to manifest from the now moment. There’s a little exercise I use below. The momentum of energy comes from now, the presence you feel when you are fully present is powerful.
It will only manifest in rightful timing.

4. Intention
This is such an important one, if your intention is strong, that in itself will have so much energy, it will propel itself forward in the direction of what needs to happen. If you’re on purpose you will find the universe has put things in order so you experience synchronicity and it feels like it has its own drive.
If it doesn’t flow as well as you have experienced in the past, it may be due to the next couple of reasons.

5. The Energy Field
When your field is clear and resonating at its’ natural resonance, life is on track you are generally happy, things flow, when challenges come up, you face them and overcome. Life flows according to what you want to experience. This means you have great command of your energies.
You might have experienced this pre 30’s. After your 30’s an accumulation of life experiences can start building up in your field. Especially if life has not been as smooth as you’d hoped. Failed relationships, health issues or bereavements are part of life and take their toll.
If you’re not able to process these experiences there might a previous pattern in your field from another life or from your parents.
I’ve had to release vows of poverty and celibacy made in previous lives of clients. There are other factors that can block you from processing life as well, but without getting into the complexities in the simplest terms the field needs to be clear, stable and strong. The central channel and anchor points need to be strong and aligned so energies can flow up from the earth and down from the skies, continually replenishing and allowing you to process life as it happens.

6. Comfort zone
The comfort zone is what is familiar, it also keeps you contained. The containment field retracts when you are in a place of discomfort, fear, stress or facing the unknown.

In the EFH sessions the focus is on clearing your containment field and as I do, it naturally opens up. When you are manifesting something new and unfamiliar you have to go beyond your containment field. This is the technique I use.

•Accept where you are, be totally in the now, be present.
•Acknowledge how you are feeling about the situation
•Accept the feeling
•See the feeling separate to you (So you don’t become the emotion)
•And focus on your breath
•Breath space into where this feeling is
•Surrender (feel all the tension leave you)
•Repeat the phrase ‘accept’ until you feel the space (Try not to put thoughts or words to this just focus on feeling space)
•Then focus on your hearts desire

This will help you go beyond your feeling of what you know and the solution or hopefully what you’re looking to manifest will be there.

If at any stage you find this difficult, you need to understand your field might be into much disarray that you can’t command your energy or focus.

Also most important the best place to do this is in nature, so you can feel the earths support under your feet. In order to manifest the desire has to go down through the central channel through your core and into the earth.