/How to do a 5 Minute Healing Breath Womb Meditation for Pregnancy Loss
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How to do a 5 Minute Healing Breath Womb Meditation for Pregnancy Loss

Tantric and Taoist traditions believe that every organ has its own consciousness and energy. The energy of your sacred womb space is what Chinese medicine calls yin energy: receptive, slow moving, creative and nurturing. Your womb holds an energy signature that is yin but unique to you. And has cells that are capable of creating new life. The energy in and around your cells that magnificently create life can be cleared of old energies and filled with love.

Experiencing a pregnancy loss creates a myriad of emotions and often a discontentment with your own body. With this mediation you can release any judgments of yourself and abilities to conceive. And create an inner environment or inner vibration of love, safety and acceptance that lends itself to loving your body and having stress free conception journey.

This 5 minute mediation can be done once or once a day until you feel a connection to your womb.

If you have the time and space, light a candle and/or burn some incense or essential oils. Wear something comfortable and play soft music if you desire.

  1. Sit down in a comfortable position with an upright back or lay down.
  2. Gently rest both hands over your womb space, one on top of the other.
  3. Close your eyes and lightly bring your attention to your sacred womb space. Focus your minds-eye on your womb, ovaries and fallopian tubes.
  4. Staying focused on your womb, slowly take a long, deep inhale into your lower belly. Feeling it rise above where your hands are resting on your womb space. Gently release the breath.
  5. Slowly inhale and on the the exhale relax your lower belly, pelvis, womb, vagina and buttocks. Sigh on the exhale and release.
  6. Keep your consciousness focused on your womb while breathing in and out. Like how you would look down at your hand. You can’t see your womb the way you can see your hand so you have to feel into and hold a knowingness of it.
  7. Say to yourself or whisper, it is safe to connect to my womb. Sit with this feeling of connecting to your womb for a moment.
  8. If any emotions come up, allow them to come up and be released, such as tears, anger, frustration, failure or any other emotion you feel. Let your body lead you, if an instinct comes to say something out loud, move your hips or legs, or comfort yourself by crossing your arms over your chest and holding yourself, then allow that to flow freely.
  9. If you felt called to express anything when it feels complete, bring your attention back to your womb and continue to breathe with gentle focus.
  10. Then send love from your heart to your sacred womb space and feminine organs. Notice any movements your womb makes.
  11. Say I love you and honour your feminine energy and your womb’s amazing function of growing a new life. Say anything to her that resonates with you.
  12. Honour your particular womb, ovaries and fallopian tubes and thank them for for being yours.
  13. Tell them you accept them totally for how they are right now and trust their capability to keep a pregnancy or let go of a pregnancy. If this feels true for you, state your desire to conceive again and hold a baby to term but right now you release any feelings of anger, disappointment, pain, failure or anything else associated with that pregnancy that isn’t aligned with your highest good. Offer this energy unconditional love and ask for your womb to be restored to its highest vibration.
  14. At any time, if you feel the energy of a lost pregnancy come up, say I love and I release you.
  15. Ask, are there any messages you want me to know. Stay open minded to anything that pops up like a thought or image. It’s ok if nothing comes up right now.
  16. Then say I let any energies of the pregnancy loss that are not serving me or my womb space to lovingly drain from my womb out my vagina into mother earth to be harmonized with the universe.
  17. After a minute of letting this energy drain down to mother earth with love, visualize soft pink, shimmering light filling up the centre of your womb, into your tubes, ovaries and eggs. Filling the whole area with loving, pink, soft radiant light.
  18. When it feels complete, send love to your womb and let it know you would like to continue to connect to her with love and appreciation.
  19. Be gentle on yourself after the meditation, perhaps journal or share your experience with someone.

If you have any questions you can contact Jennifer Thur through the centre. I hope you enjoy this meditation and find it helpful in healing from the challenges of pregnancy loss.