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Menacing Menopause

During my years as a therapist I have helped many women who were struggling to conceive, going through assisted conception together with the emotional highs and lows that brings. I’ve shared those bumpy hormonal journeys and felt those emotions alongside some of my clients. Being a woman of a certain age I’ve also been through peri-menopause and used self hypnosis to help me with hot flashes and other associated symptoms. Trips to my GP resulted in offers of HRT and little else. I felt pretty much on my own to deal with symptoms so have researched everything available to me as I found that menopausal symptoms are made more pronounced by stress, certain foods and alcohol. Very often the things we reach for, for comfort, are the things that are aggravating the situation. There is a clear link between lifestyle – including diet, physical activity and wellbeing that can affect the severity of symptoms both physical and psychological. Women going through this time of life are more likely to suffer from depression so my aim is to help you with some coping strategies. Hypnotherapy and Emotional Freedom Technique may help to reduce the stress of all these changes happening to the body. External issues can of course exacerbate symptoms such as divorce, children leaving home, looking after elderly & sick parents – the list goes on. If you have disturbed sleep this can worsen fatigue & depression, often leaving you in a loop of overwhelm and despair that feels out of your control.

Symptoms of peri-menopause & menopause
• Periods can be sporadic, heavier than normal, last longer than usual
• Spotting between periods and sometimes after sex
• Hot flashes and night sweats
• Fibroids
• Fatigue, confusion and palpitations
• Poor libido
• Urinary incontinence
• Gut and bowel problems
• Weight changes
• Depression, anxiety and low mood
• Feeling sad for no apparent reason
• Lacking self confidence, feeling worthless.
• Relationship issues

The Sessions

My sessions always begin with a pre-session questionnaire to help determine your symptoms, current medication and supplements, diet and nutrition, stress factors and stress triggers.

Session 1
We review your current situation and symptoms and look at lifestyle changes to help manage the situation whilst gently coaching you with self hypnosis and tapping techniques (EFT) so that you can start to help yourself with homework to do in between sessions.

Session 2
Working on stress reduction and looking what the issues are helping to find solutions to get to where you want to be giving you information and insight to help you make informed decisions so that you can grow older feeling ; happy, healthy and gorgeous!

Session 3
Review coping strategies with self hypnosis and tapping solutions for a more relaxed lifestyle, checking in on the progress you’ve made, including confidence building and clear future pacing, helping you to feel more in control.

Everyone responds differently to these techniques so a suggested starter package would be x3 sessions, each session is charged at £85 whilst a package of x3 when you pay upfront is charged at £225, saving you £30. Please note all our sessions are strictly confidential,