/Spring cleaning your mind, body and Soul
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Spring Clean Energy Renew Revive

Spring cleaning your mind, body and Soul

After the intense energies of January and February, there is a definite sense of newness, an energy of potential, a feeling of what next, where do I want to be, how do I want to feel? And perhaps for some of you – why am I not there yet? It is most definitely time for a spring clean!

Just as it is important to keep our houses and our bodies clean of physical dirt, and decluttering is an excellent way of making space for something new, it is also very important to declutter our minds and Souls and keep our energy –  our e-motions – energy in motion – clean.

We are holding onto a lot of ‘dust’, mostly unknowingly, not to mention what we pick up from everybody around us and the collective on a daily basis that can add to stress, overwhelm and feeling stuck and unfulfilled.

Imagine how you would feel if you decluttered your mind? Those thoughts that bring you down, the ones you put yourself down with; or those feelings that stop you from saying yes to things. This may be looking for a new job, or finding, or ending, a relationship. Clearing away any resentments, guilt or shame you may be feeling about a situation.

FREE! Is the word that comes to my mind.

One of my passions is supporting women on their journeys to motherhood – and healing and clearing our minds and wombs is such a gift for yourself and your baby or future babies.

Whatever it is that is holding you back from where you want to go and how you want to feel, can always, always be shifted. It’s important to remember that the situation is never the situation. It is your thoughts about that situation that are creating suffering and stuckness.

Change your thoughts, change your life. Energy healing tools such as EFT (tapping) or Matrix and Theta Healing, alongside spiritual and holistic counselling go to the root of these thoughts and emotions. Changing not only how you feel about whatever is going on right now, but changing how you feel about yourself and opening up your life.

In order to clean our house, we first have to see the dirt. The clutter in our minds is often hidden and unconscious. Time for a spring clean to freshen up your energy and your life.