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What Some Clients Have Said About Us

After a year of suffering with severe nausea and stomach upsets I went to see Anita to see if she could help me. After only 2 visits and a few bottles of herbs I have already started feeling much better and my symptoms have reduced greatly! Anita is super approachable, makes you feel ok about what's going on (and positive about getting better) and looks at the whole picture of your health not just masking symptoms. I would highly recommend her!
- Annie, London -
Before working with Jennifer, I had crippling menstrual migraines that would last 3 or 4 days, and bring me to my knees. Jennifer did some very profound breath work with me during our first session, and I had a strange but cool out of body experience and have learnt to use this as a regular tool for healing and manifestation! Then, we did a session where I revealed my primal powers, which has helped me move various emotions, especially repressed anger, through my field. I now, after just a few sessions, am experiencing noticeable results. Not only are my migraines half as intense, and lengthy, I feel more empowered in business, with my beloved, and in bed! Jen is an incredible priestess and I encourage you to work with her.
- Dr. Amanda Noelle, Coach and Twin Flame Matchmaker -
I had the privilege to work with J.T to help clear creative and emotional blockages related to my feminine power. I suffered from shame relating to my sexuality and spirituality as a result of cultural conditioning, abuse and low self-esteem. In the session, J.T was gentle, kind and responsive when we discussed my past traumas. After the consultation, she guided me through a breathing/relaxation exercise where I was able to disconnect from my stressed-out mind and relax into my body. I connected to my womb, and from this I had several "light-bulb moments" and messages which communicated love and protection. It was overwhelming to have so many positive realisations about myself because I had been so lost in self-doubt. I found courage to be myself and be confident in the pursuit of my purpose and work. J.T also guided me through a "visualisation" of my ideal work environment as I was experiencing a great deal of emotional suffering from professional setbacks. J.T's exercises have been beneficial to my transition to the next chapter of my life. I feel so much more confident in my abilities and talents now! I still have moments where I struggle, but I remember the exercises she taught me and I use them to connect to my creative feminine power. J.T's talents are rare and valuable to any woman dealing with emotional and spiritual blockages. She is professional, but compassionate.
- Charlotte Hall, Teacher and Women’s Right’s Advocate -
I began working with Jen for a number of reasons. I was seeking support to reconnect to my whole self, nourish my sacred space and heal trauma. Jen was able to create and hold a nurturing space for me to do this work and to be a guiding light for me to connect to the wisdom of my own body in a way that I was not able to do prior to working with her. She is incredibly attentive and intuitive, trustworthy and supportive. One of the things that I love most about Jen is that she has a tool box loaded with invaluable resources which allowed me to continue on with the work I was doing with her in between our scheduled sessions. I would recommend working with Jen to anyone who wants to feel empowered in their life but be prepared for incredible and unexpected things to show up as you welcome in a renewed sense of self and wellbeing as well as a heightened connection with your body, your spirit and your life.
- Stephanie Neutze, Reiki Healer -
I visited Neil following a talk on Pain and Movement at a local health food store. I had been experiencing severe pain from an ‘arthritic hip' according to the NHS. Following a series of visits, an exercise program and a recommendation to replace my traditional office desk with a standing desk, I am now virtually pain free. I can highly recommend Neil and his approach to restoring mobility.
- Rita Tinney -
I first visited Neil due to left knee pain whilst horse riding, I was looking for a new approach to it after having had only temporary improvements with years of regular physiotherapy treatments. Through finding the root cause of the problem in my right hip Neil has revolutionised my movement, enabled me to increase my strength, flexibility and made a significant improvement to my riding. The exercises I do at home have helped me improve between visits to get the most benefit from the session. I only wish I'd found him earlier!
- Jennie Campion -
Anita's 12 months predictive session is a great tool to go back and refer to as time unfolds. It is packed to the brim with information on every aspect of your life and how the stars are affecting it throughout the year. Anita is great at giving colour to the data without drifting into jargon and you leave feeling prepped to seize opportunities and look out for any potential pitfalls.
- Katja, London -
After only a few months of treatment I was already feeling myself growing stronger, more energized and balanced, my candida symptoms disappeared. 6 months later and I have not had a single debilitating low and my monthly cycle feels manageable. I would strongly recommend Anita for any woman suffering with mood/hormonal/digestive issues who wants to take their heath into their own hands with some expert guidance - there is a way forward! Thank you Anita for putting me back in touch with who I used to be!
- Isidora, London -
I found my Astrological reading with Anita absolutely fascinating and astonishingly accurate. She was correct about virtually every aspect of my character, life experiences and even health problems and was able to provide valuable insights into my personal struggles. The reading gave me clarity and confidence that I was on the right path. She's clearly a very talented astrologer!
- Harry, London -
I have been going through a very tough phase in life and I couldn't get rid of the dense energy I felt. After 2 distance healing sessions with Waquefa I am feeling more clear, grounded and after being in a state of survival for years, I am starting to make plans again. Waquefa does deep and thorough work and the information she shares helps me integrate the transformation in my daily life. Thank you so much.
- S.L Netherlands -
I started seeing Waquefa to release old blocks and align my energies as I was constantly feeling ungrounded and not connected to source. I have been trying to find the root cause of my health issues and was hoping she could help me do this. I was feeling a lot of anxiety, stress and overwhelm and a myriad of other symptoms related to my health and lifestyle. After seeing Waquefa (particularly the last session!), I feel much more aligned. She cleared my field and anchored my energy giving me the strength and ability to deal with whatever life was throwing at me! By the time I left the last session, I was buzzing with such a beautiful energy. We even had an angel with us :) I will continue to see her as she has helped me so much and I can't recommend her highly enough. Thank you Waquefa!
- N.M -
I went to Waquefa when I was suffering from depression and anxiety and had never been in a serious relationship. Through only three groundbreaking treatments she managed to help me get to the root of depression and I started feeling much less anxious. She also cleared my energy field enough that I was able to meet someone and be in a relationship - so very tangible results! She also helped me get the deeper complexities of my relationship issues and longstanding patterns I needed help breaking. I am a Reiki Master myself and I was humbled by her amazing abilities and her deep compassion and caring for me. Months later I am still benefitting from the information that came out of our sessions.
- R.P Vancouver, Canada -

Melanie has been our rock for over 3 years. She has supported us through some really tough times and always given us the positivity and strength to move forward. Her treatments and advice have undoubtedly played a huge role in the birth of our beautiful daughter in 2015 and now our 2nd pregnancy due in February 2018.

I started seeing Melanie prior to starting IVF in 2014, her understanding of the journey and its emotional and physical impacts really helped me to understand and process how I was feeling. IVF can be very isolating and lonely, to be able to talk to, cry and laugh with Melanie throughout my cycles kept me sane and more importantly positive. I would often go to sessions tense, stressed and feeling really down and then leave feeling like something had been released. After an acupuncture session I felt stronger, relaxed and positive about the next step, this transformation in my wellbeing was amazing and my husband and friends noticed it too.

Melanie also provided brilliant dietary and life style advice which supported our IVF cycles and I listened religiously to Melanie's positive visualisation app on the run up to egg collection and transfer. My husband was treated by Melanie and followed her dietary, supplement and life style advice too and I'm happy to say that we saw a positive impact on his sperm count.

Without Melanie's acupuncture treatment, support and positivity I'm not sure where we would be. I feel so lucky that we found her and would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone about to start trying for a baby naturally or via IVF.

- KN -
I came to Anita as a last resort for post-pill amenorrhea. My hormones were imbalanced and I felt tired & irritable all the time & it was starting to affcet my daily life.
Anita listened to my situation and concerns and mixed different herbs specifically for my personal symptoms and to balance my hormones naturally.
Six weeks later I had my first period in 10 months and I finally feel like myself again!
- Charlotte, London -
Anita really helped me to improve my skin condition. I suffered from moderate acne for several years and after trying hormonal and different medications, I decided to go for a more natural approach. With Anita's herbal remedies & diet recommendations my skin has visibly improved. Anita also restored my general well-being, helped me to reduce tiredness and boosted my confidence.
- Francesca, London -
I spent most of my teenage years depressed and feeling alone. I was struggling and decided to try RTT in my 20's. It has helped me to understand why I had felt this way due to events in my life which led me feel I had to suppress my emotions. This has honestly changed now and I'm so thankful for our session. I highly recommend going to see Catherine for an RTT session if you are serious about breaking out from old patterns and making changes. Thank you!
- Josh -
I was constantly dieting and could not stay a weight that I was happy with. Constantly binging and then starving. In our session Catherine was able to help me to understand the events that had occurred in my life that had left me feeling helpless and out of control. From gaining an insight and listening to the recording I feel I finally have a healthy relationship with food. I've lost nearly a stone and it hasn't been an effort! Go see Catherine for an RTT session and wait for the exciting results!
- Bev -
Catherine is skilled, compassionate, present and warm. She is convinced totally of the power of the mind and knows how to help us transform and change. I love her work. She is able to handle the deeper concepts in ease and grace. I recommend her absolutely!
- Sarah -
I had anxiety for years and tried so many different treatments to try to get rid of it. I'm so thankful I found Catherine and RTT. It has changed the way I look at the world and manage my emotions. I am employed again now and can say I truly feel happy for the first time in many years.
- Rebecca -
I have done a few sessions of Hypnotherapy with Maria to help me deal will anxiety and fears, I'm feeling much confident dealing with my daily life and my anxiety has become less and less every day, Maria is a very gentle, loving and caring person, and I feel very comfortable with her.
- Lucia -
I came to Daniela with a skin issue that school medicine had failed to improve, having thrown every possible cortisol cream at it that they could produce. Acupuncture has really helped me improve the condition, and generally helped me deal with all kinds of stress better. Daniela is very knowledgeable and approached my health in a completely holistic way. She is a brilliant listener and offered up additional advice on diet and lifestyle which really helped me make some positive changes in my life. I would recommend her without hesitation.
- Fran -
It's an amazing experience (hypnotherapy), you somehow come out of it knowing what you have to do and just do it, took a few attempts as I am not the easiest person to relax but once I let myself go I saw and started to organise my life in my own visions and just got on with it. I grew stronger buy the day, more focus, was able to deal with intense change in my life and dealt with it as every day went by. Would highly recommended it.
- Laurinda -

Maria has shown her commitment and enthusiasm to help me from the very first session, she was kind and understanding and seemed genuinely interested when I was explaining to her about my personal issues and how I would like the therapy to help me overcome them.

She was always asking me how I felt about what was being done and explained in details the process that we were going to go through and that I could stop it at any time if I didn't feel comfortable. That shows that she has a high emotional intelligence which, in my opinion, is essential if you want to understand other people's emotions and help them. She is a skilled therapist and I would highly recommend her.

- William -

I have to admit I was sceptical at first when I done this, however I had always heard about the power of the mind and how it can work, if you let it. My personal life was not going so great as it felt like there was always something happening after another and I was not getting anywhere.


When I had done hypnotherapy I could sense something had changed, I couldn't really explain what but I felt lighter on my feet and felt so much more confidence in myself.
I started changing every negative thought into a positive and just changed the way I thought about things my head seemed so much clearer and I stopped worrying so much. As I have changed my way of thinking it's like everything has just fit into place and I am a much happier person and my family has also noticed a difference and feel happier too!

- Lydia -
When I first started therapy with Maria, I thought it was a load of crap, but after my second session, I began to see shapes and faces and I started to feel all sort of emotions. I had my ups and downs, good and bad days. It's a process, but the results were amazing.
I've started to put myself first, figured out what I wanted and needed & never felt better! I'm so much happier, no anger, no holding grudges and I'm just living each day as it comes.
I honestly couldn't ask for more. Thank you for helping me.
- Sandra -
I sprained my ankle and my wrist in separate incidents, months apart, but both injuries were taking a lot longer to heal than I expected and were limiting my mobility and causing fairly constant discomfort. My ability to take part in any form of sport or exercise was severely restricted. I was having trouble with basic movements such as running, squats and push ups and was not confident in putting any load or stress through either my wrist or my ankle.

Neil was recommended to me by a friend from the gym and in three sessions over the course of a month, his treatment drastically increased the mobility in both my ankle and wrist and greatly reduced the level of discomfort. As a result, I've been able to return to the gym and the sports I was playing prior to the injuries and I continue to improve by putting into practice the movement patterns Neil has taught me."

- Neil Gill -

I had unexplained pains and instability in both feet and ankles that steadily got worse over a year until I was unable to do any exercise or walk far without pain, and woke up with aching feet every morning. After a couple of unsuccessful treatment plans with a physiotherapist & podiatrist, a friend suggested seeing an osteopath.


Neil quickly understood the problem and started treatment. After just the first session I immediately felt a difference in the way I was walking. This continued to improve over the next few weeks with more treatment and continuing to do the recommended exercises. After just a month and 3 sessions I had no pains in my feet, even during exercise. I now feel much more stable and am back to doing several exercise classes each week without pain. I am thrilled and would highly recommend!"

- Eve Blanchard -
I started treatment with Neil due to pain I was having in my hips and knees for 2 years during any mild activity. I had been receiving treatment from another osteopath for 3 months with no improvement. Neil's approach was very different. He was concerned with the way I moved and how my body was functioning. The sessions were not only on the treatment couch but consisted of exercises that would challenge my body to move in different ways and function better. After the first session, and with home exercises to do, my pain dropped dramatically. After 3 sessions with Neil I am now pain free and working out daily. I am so happy with the transformation and I feel like my active self again.
- Sharareh Avazzadeh -
I have recently had a baby and Zoe has been a brilliant great source of help, both during and after my pregnancy. So much so, I am finding it too hard to give her up! She is highly professional, flexible and her Massage, Reiki and Reflexology skills are second to none. She is also lovely to talk to too. My weekly Zoe time is totally precious and I would recommend her in an instant to anyone in need of some special R and R
- Alison -
Just had another WONDERFUL reflexology treatment with Zoe. Thank you! I have been seeing Zoe for years now and recommend her to everyone. Her pregnancy treatments are very restorative and beneficial.
- Antonia -
Zoe has been a life saviour for me before, during, in between and after pregnancies. I highly rate her reflexology and other treatments including massage.
- Cecilie -
Zoe has been amazingly helpful over the last few years, in particular for hormonal imbalances and helping with skin problems.
I have regular reflexology sessions, which I have found to be extremely beneficial.
She not only provides a highly professional service but is also very welcoming and kind, making it very easy to talk to her.
Her deep tissue massages have also been incredibly helpful to ease lower back and shoulder tension. I always feel so relaxed and de-stressed after seeing her, whatever treatment I have.
- Amy H -
I had spent over 10 years going to doctors and dermatologists about a pimply rash on my chest and face and none of them were able to help at all. Each one gave me a new medication that didn't make any difference to my skin whatsoever. I went to see Anita when the rash was getting worse and worse and I started getting quite self-conscious about it, with a few days it had improved out of sight and completely gone within a few months! Even now after stopping the herbal medicines, it has stayed completely gone and there's been no signs of it returning.
She also managed to sort out some issues with my digestion that I had had for as long as I can remember.
It was very enjoyable and comfortable working with Anita and at no stage did I feel like she was taking advantage or trying to push products or information that I didn't need and I couldn't be more grateful for her help.
- Belinda, Sydney -
'Anita has a unique approach to herbal medicine and attended to me in a time of great stress in a very empathic, compassionate and intuitive way. The thing I like about Anita is that although she has exceptional knowledge she doesn't judge your illness or presentation but rather sees it as her detective work - combining all her modalities physical, emotional, astrological and spiritual - Anita cares and wants to get to the bottom of the issue to restore the body back to optimum health. I gladly sing the praises of Anita for she truly is a unique practitioner'
- Mellanie, Sydney -
I have had several Shamanic Healing sessions from Anita Chakraburtty and am sad that she has moved from Sydney to London and I can't see her anymore.

Her healing sessions were paramount in restoring my health, both physical and emotional. Her sessions left me with an increased confidence in my body and mind to be able to continue and grow. They also helped to manage my pain from my knee that I have had after surgery some years before.

Her healing sessions were relaxing and at the same time uplifting giving me a haven and opportunity to rest and be held safe in the session, leaving me feeling revitalized and ready to meet the world again.

I would recommend Anita and her amazing skills, sensitivity and forthrightness to anybody and would gladly keep seeing her if she came back to Australia.

- Joanna, Sydney -
My Shamanic healing session with Anita was one of the BEST energy healing treatments I have ever had. Once I settled into a comfortable position, my descent into a healing space crept up on me and I only realised I had entered a deep relaxation zone when the session was brought to an end. It's hard to describe what it felt like but I've tried a few other practitioners and Anita was one of the most intuitive, caring and talented healers I've come across.
Each session has been slightly different but I look forward to them each time and she never disappoints.
- Michael, Sydney -
This was quite an interesting experience for me as I felt Anita knew me (I am a closed person and do not share much) It is magical how the alignment of stars can reveal much about a person and with that how you can use and shape it to your advantage. Definitely worth checking out.
- Inn, Sydney -
"When I was first introduced to Anita I was struck by her jovial personality, and I quickly felt comfortable with her. She explained that my Astrology chart and our discussion of it could be done remotely, me being in New York and her in Sydney Australia. While I was at first a bit sceptical, my hesitations fell completely to the wayside as Anita led me through my complete chart via Skype.
Anita took the time to explain both detailed and broader points and invited me to interject with questions. This was the first time that I have had my chart done, and I found it to be an incredibly valuable experience. Anita unearthed matters that no one but myself would know. I highly recommend Anita for her Astrology services, and I plan to schedule another session with her in the near future myself."
- Ty, New York -

I began seeing Norah for reflexology a few weeks before I was due with my first child. I had become very anxious, as the hospital was planning to induce me on my due date. While I sought reflexology treatment to physically prepare my body for labour, I found great mental as well as physical benefits from the treatment.


The first thing Norah did was to sit down with me and listen to my story. Norah provided insight and advice which was very informed, considered, and very helpful to my situation. I immediately felt at ease. During my first treatment, I realised exactly how stressed I was - about being induced, but also about labour in general. I found myself in tears with the pressure I was feeling in becoming a new mum.


After this treatment I felt much more at ease, and with every subsequent treatment I felt more ready to give birth. Norah's words during my treatment began to mentally prepare me, while the physical work of the reflexology prepared my body to go into labour. The sessions became very meditative, and I felt so relaxed after each session.

During my labour, I found myself repeating words which Norah would say to me during the reflexology sessions. Words about my role in the labour and my baby's role; words which made me feel empowered and strong to take on this new challenge. I welcomed my daughter into the world feeling at ease, excited and calm. This is undoubtedly due to the work Norah had done to help me prepare. I am grateful for the work Norah did not just to help me through a stressful time, but to help me actually enjoy it. Thank you Norah!

- Jenn -
I thoroughly enjoy reflexology sessions (primarily for fertility issues) with Norah, as it is always about much more than my feet and a good rest! Norah's sessions begin with a discussion of recent events at work or at home which provides an update on my current physical and emotional health prior to treatment. This has helped me to reflect upon matters that may be causing stress; and Norah has often very helpfully suggested ways to manage sources of day to day tension. Norah's approach to reflexology is very calming and deeply relaxing (I am usually reluctant to wake up!). I recommend Norah as she offers a friendly and supportive look at overall wellbeing and performs restful reflexology.
- Hannah -
I came to Norah for Reflexology and I'd gone from stressed to relaxed in an instant. Norah's highly professional and warm demeanour immediately put you at ease and although at first I was convinced I was just resting my eyes I was soon deeply asleep! ...The best sleep I'd had in days! Norah carried out a meditation during the treatment and the cd playing was the perfect sound-track to gently lull me into not wanting to leave the chair! I highly recommend anyone looking to try reflexology to book Norah as soon as you can.
- Lyn -
After months of feeling anxious and stressed with work and having previously been ‘signed off' with potential CFS by the doctor, I decided to experiment with reflexology. I was incredibly lucky to find Norah. She's brilliant at what she does; she combined reflexology with hypnotherapy for maximum relaxation - what originally began with one session quickly turned into many more. I felt a marked difference after my sessions and always looked forward to the next. Norah comes highly recommended by me.
- Hannah -
I find Norah's treatments relaxing and she tailors the treatments if I have any aches & pains. I can really feel the benefit. Above all she makes me feel at ease. I'm already looking forward to the next one! Thanks Norah.
- Chris -
Norah is a pleasure to see; she makes every effort to listen & respond with most appropriate treatment that she feels you need - above all else I always walk away feeling relaxed and calm. Thank Norah!
- Zoe -
Finding Norah has been my life blessing;- having gone through several courses of IVF, my husband and I finally succeeded and now have a beautiful son. Throughout all the courses of IVF I received reflexology treatments from Norah which helped me relax and through her coaching she has kept me headstrong and positive. Prior to the birth of my son I followed her course of HypnoBirthing which was outstanding and regrettably couldn't put to full use due to a planned caesarean but still very much helped in helping me to remain calm. The sound of her voice just sends you to a tranquil place and makes you forget all your worries. I look forward to her weekly visits very much not only for her fabulous treatment but also her calming aura. I have already passed on Norah's details to many friends who also speak highly of her
- Lucy -
Norah has helped me greatly to achieve a state of relaxation in preparation for the birth of my third child. Apart from her skills as a therapist, she is both, kind, helpful and very easy to talk to about any and every worry or anxiety
- Nicola -
I have been seeing Norah during my IVF treatment and it's one of the best things I've done. After each session I feel so relaxed and stress free. Norah is very warm and understanding and makes you feel incredibly at ease. Without her my IVF treatment would have been quite different. Thanks Norah!
- Rachel -
I have had a wonderful experience with reflexology with Norah. It was the first time in my life I tried reflexology and Norah provides great support, she is patient and calm. Coming to the sessions and having time to concentrate on myself has helped me with my fertility treatment. I would definitely recommend Norah. Thanks!!
- Maria -

I have had five sessions with Barry for shoulder and back pains. He is extremely professional and has a pleasant manner which helps to make you feel comfortable. I have noticed a huge improvement from the sessions which is a massive relief as I have been putting up with these problems for 12 years now. In short I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.
- Dave Kerrigan / Office worker -
The results after the first treatment were astonishing. Barry managed to completely release tension in my hamstrings and IT band even though they were previously treated at a different clinic without any results. We have also been working on bringing more mobility in my spine and hips which has had a profound effect on my yoga practice, creating greater range of movement and ease. The sessions are only 30 min long and Barry does not waste time managing to address everything that needs treating. Very professional! Highly recommend!
- Ashka Zasada / Yoga teacher -

I have suffered chronic pain to my hip, back and shoulder following a physical attack 10 years ago. Since sustaining my injuries, I've never been out of pain. I've tried all types of therapy, and practiced yoga for years to control and ease the pain...none of which have provided any degree of relief.

I visited Barry after my doctor recommended osteopathy. After just one session I experienced a good level of pain relief. After 3 sessions I have enjoyed substantial and prolonged pain relief in all areas of times feeling no pain at all.

As a result of Barry's treatment I feel uplifted with an increased sense of well being. Barry is an amazing osteopath who knows exactly what to target. He combines many techniques, treats you holistically, is intuitive, attentive, and tunes in well with all your body connections.

He talks you through treatment providing invaluable information, and gives practical exercises/advice for further improvement at home. He is personable and approachable and makes you feel like you're really in 'good hands' during treatment.

I highly recommend him for pain reduction/elimination to deep set, long standing injuries. Not only is he an excellent osteopath with great practice that gives incredible results .. he's also a really nice guy who puts you at ease as soon as you meet him.

- Heidi Desmet -
I often come to visit Barry, very broken through working a physical job and through wrestling. I always leave feeling lighter, more flexible and pain free! I'd say it's magic but actually he is just the best osteopath I have ever visited!
- Rhia O'Reilly / Personal trainer and Wrestler -
My life has really turned around, and my boyfriend even proposed to me, when at one point I thought we may break up, and we are just about to buy our first house together.
- Abbie Bryant -
Jacqueline is an enthusiastic, energetic coach. Her style is warm, personable and when appropriate, high octane. She comes across as incredibly prepared and considered.
- Ebonie Allard -
I took some really challenging emotional goals to the sessions (one was to learn to say 'no' to people in my life) and through Jacqueline's coaching, I have really achieved so much.
- Kiki Kirby -
Thank you, Carey, for an excellent colonic treatment. I was comforted by the knowledge that you have so many years of experience and yet are still interested enough to continue studying and sharing many tips for a healthier lifestyle. For the past few months I have been extremely stressed and had foolishly picked up bad eating habits I had previously ditched. Without ‘nagging', you reminded me how to get back on track. The session unblocked me, both mentally and physically!
- Dee -
I highly recommend Carey for anyone thinking of having a colonic hydrotherapy treatment. She is especially kind, attentive and very gentle. After a session with Carey, I really feel lighter, cleaner, energized and highly motivated to improve my eating habits. If you've never tried colonic hydrotherapy before, you could not be in better hands than with Carey.
- Gwen Webster -
My daughter and I had lots of fun at massage. The classes were relaxed and very friendly. Added benefits of baby yoga moves which my daughter loved.
- Amelia Davison -
I really enjoyed the baby massage class which I started with my son when he was six weeks old. The relaxed, calm and welcoming atmosphere made it a lovely, gentle thing to do with such a small baby. I felt confident using the techniques straight away at home and still use them after bath time 5 months later. I taught the colic routine to my husband and we both used it a lot successfully in the first months. It was a really great course and I have recommended it to a number of friends.
- Eleonore Mills -
Laura provided a really relaxed environment for mums and babies. The course helped me to bond with my daughter and I learnt some useful techniques to use at home
- Julia Turner -
I started the baby massage course just as my baby turned 3 months. Perfect timing to learn some skills, not only to help with wind, but also a way to connect with, and bring comfort to him. Really enjoyable for both of us!
- Diane -
I really enjoyed the classes I managed to attend and I try to incorporate what we learnt after bath time. You obviously know your subject very well, but for me it was your gentle and approachable teaching style that made the classes so enjoyable. Even when my baby was crying for most of it and I'd been up all night!

- Rebecca White -
We were really excited to join the class as we'd heard lots of great things about massage time with your baby.

I was hoping to find a way to relax my baby but we did more. We learnt to find a way to bond together and help with problems like wind and constipation. These simple moves have really made a difference to our little routine.

Baby yoga was something my daughter loves, she gets really excited when we start doing it and I hope to continue with this for many years.

Laura was an amazing teacher, explaining carefully how and why each move was great for your baby, she was also considerate when it came to a room full of sleeping or crying babies! We are looking forward to joining her music class soon.

- Charlie Clements -

I broke my foot in January during a football match. Despite the bone healing well after 6 months and number of appointments with a physiotherapist, I was still experiencing pain (even whilst walking). I then had a recommendation from a colleague and decided to see Neil. Neil identified factors which were contributing to the difficulties I was having with walking and which were making my foot more painful. After the first session, as a result of the hands on therapy Neil employs, I felt an immediate difference in my foot in that my mobility. Neil tackled issues that had built up around the leg and hip which were contributing to the pain in my foot which I never thought would have been the source of the problem. After continuing to do the exercises and stretches Neil suggested, I am now experiencing much less pain and am able to play football, which I was beginning to worry would be impossible.

Neil knows exactly what he is talking about and I always felt he was fully in control of what needed to be done.


- Matthew Perry -
Nollaig's service was exactly what I was looking for, and more! She provided me with what I had been seeking all along ...a holistic approach that took into consideration me as a person, my lifestyle and what approach would suit me...I am very grateful for all the support and advice she gave to help me achieve such great improvements.
- Pippa -
I've just completed Emma's 7 day detox & could not boast about it more. I feel wonderful! Emma's knowledge, support & advice is fantastic. The supplements provided work a treat. I'm glowing, full of energy with the added bonus of 4kgs lighter. One happy client :)
- Honey M -
Melanie's method of Energy Field Healing is very easy to work with, she brings great clarity and depth to what you are working on, and often independently brings up the most relevant issue you're not even thinking about. I've had some great changes and clarities with Melanie and of course the changes happen way after you have left your session. She is a gifted healer and I would happily see her every month. We have recommended her to everyone we know, you can't give a better recommendation than that!
- Ben B, South London -
I discovered Melanie's Energy Field Healing practice last year and it has helped me to deal with past, present and future life events. Melanie's kindness and gentleness has helped me to understand Energy Field Healing and use it to take a different perspective on my life on the way to healing suffering and cultivating happiness. This form of healing is tremendous in our busy, hectic world.
- Erick R. , London -

I would wholeheartedly recommend Andrea following my back, shoulder and neck massage. Like many people, that's where I carry my stress and working at a desk all day adds to the strain. Consequently, I've had many such massages to help with tension and the treatment with Andrea was by far and away the best I have had.


Firstly, the pressure applied was neither too light or too heavy. The variety of massage therapists I have had in the past always fall into one of those two categories but Andrea was spot on.


My other pet hate is overly oily lotions but that used by Andrea did not leave me feel like a salad covered in dressing! Very smooth texture which added to the treatment.


As the treatment went on I could feel my shoulders and arms relaxing completely. My arms went from being firmly held by my side to just lolling off the sides of the table. I had to be helped back into my
top as my arms and shoulders felt so loose and relaxed.


The final touch was when I went home so relaxed that I had a nice afternoon nap which is a real achievement for a stress bunny like me!


I will be visiting again.

- Debbie, Balham -
I have a lot of trouble sleeping and in particular with waking up in the middle of the night and being unable to go back to sleep. I find that reflexology helps soothe my whole body and puts me in a better mindset. After a treatment with Hannah I feel more able to set aside the work worries of my pretty stressful job and am more relaxed in general. I tend to sleep much better the night after a session and continue to sleep better for the next few nights after that. I can't comment on the theory of how it works, but it definitely does work for me.
- Leon Hardy -
I first visited Ruth a month before my wedding. I have had IBS for 16 years and was used to waking up with stomach pains most days and had 2 sets of clothes in my wardrobe to cover for "bloated days", which covered at least half of each week.
My stomach pains and overall IBS had become progressively worse over the last few years and I was often feeling achy and tired, which hampered my personal and professional life. Before visiting Ruth I was concerned about how I would feel on my wedding day and honeymoon and had purposely chosen a wedding dress that would cover if I was very bloated!
I had had 2 colonics three years before but was unimpressed with the results but after trying various tablets and diets without success I contacted Ruth through the Feel Good Balham website.
I immediately felt at ease by Ruth's friendly approach and genuine interest in my lifestyle, work pattern and diet - within the first 10 minutes she had drawn some excellent conclusions about the causes for the increasing pains, for example my daily breakfast or fruit and yoghurt, which I believed to be healthy but was making my IBS worse! Ruth also massaged my stomach and took away the stress and awkwardness of a colonic by her warm approach.
I have seen Ruth four times since and what I thought may have been a "one-off" has had lasting effects 6 months on. I was confident on my wedding day and despite all the stresses associated with the big day I did not have any stomach pains.
I now visit Ruth every 4-6 weeks and better understand my diet and have altered my eating habits. I am very grateful to her for helping to make me feel more confident, with greater energy and significantly minimising my stomach pains
- Claire -
Ruth has been my practitioner now for some 4+ years, initially for massage and now for Colonic, nutritional & all round health advice. Ruth is a generous & amazing healthcare professional who puts you to ease the moment you meet with her. She is always up-to-date on her knowledge and full of tips and suggestions to improve and maintain my health (always take a note pad when you visit Ruth!). Following a recent very sluggish couple of weeks mentally and physically I booked to return to London from Monaco and see Ruth for a couple of appointments, guidance and advice - very soon after the treatments and putting her advice into action I am through the dark patch and feeling my usual bright and light self. I'm very honest when I say my life is hugely improved by having Ruth in it.
- Clare -
I first met Ruth when a friend booked me a deep tissue massage, as a gift, over 2 years ago. Little did I know, what a positive influence she'd have on my life, when I first went to visit her. With the various different therapies and supplements she's recommended and provided, my life and general wellbeing has dramatically improved. I recently tried a 5 day detox program, and Ruth provided a step by step guide, information and guidance, which made it easy to achieve and I saw massive results (7lb lost & skin improvement). It was my first experience of Colonic Hydrotherapy and wasn't sure what to expect. I was completely relaxed knowing I was in experienced and knowledgeable hands. I'm so pleased that I've met her and have no doubt in recommending her and her treatments
- Sarah -
I love seeing Ruth! Her vibrant energy brightens me up even before we begin the Colonic. I find her mindful and caring throughout. As a colon hydrotherapist myself I know what it is to receive a deep and effective Colonic . This is why I choose Ruth for my regular sessions. Her knowledge and advice is sound and I highly recommend her to you. Like me I'm sure you too will always leave her clinic lighter, brighter and healthier
- Nicoll -
Seeing Ruth has changed my life, before meeting her I had appalling digestion and the pain I was in was starting to rule my life. Ruth educated me in changing my approach towards food and really helped me to understand what to eat and drink and when. Since my session with Ruth I have followed her simple advice and have lost nearly a stone in weight and now I no longer store toxins in my body for long periods of time I feel much happier and full of energy. I would recommend Ruth to anyone, her straight talking no nonsense approach really made me pay attention and I am so grateful for her enhancing my life, thank you Ruth!
- Zabina -

Prior to my first treatment with Neil I wasn't able to stand fully upright and was in a lot of pain. Having identified the problem, Neil set out to improve my mobility and stabilise the area. The advice and treatment given meant my mobility and ability to carry out everyday tasks quickly improved.


This was all done over a short time period as I had 2 major training objectives, a trek in the Himalayas and an upcoming arduous training course. I met the first objective and once returning from Nepal, the treatment began to increase in intensity and also focus on more than just the lower back. This meant I could return to running and full exercise in good time to prepare for the upcoming training course.


My experience of treatment has been a hugely positive one. I felt my objectives and restraints were constantly understood and worked towards.

- Charlie Carter -
Neil made a massive difference to my training for the New York Marathon. I had been experiencing severe muscle stiffness particularly in one leg after my long training runs. The sports massages that I received from Neil not only relieved the pain but his advice on preventative stretches and suggestions to change my running shoes had a huge impact on my ability to train for the race, all that and a very nice guy as well. Thanks very much!
- Charles Owen -
I found Andrea to be friendly and professional and most important, my back and shoulder massage from Andrea was very effective and made me feel far better.
- Martin -
Wow. So pleased by my results. I came to Emma as I wanted to get my vitality back and break the cycle of my latest bout of sugar addiction. I was initially apprehensive about my will power to detox at home and about my first ever colonic, but the lovely Emma was so encouraging and supportive. In the end I achieved both my aims and lost 9lbs too!! An added bonus! 6 weeks later I still feel healthy, I've kept all the weight off, in fact I have lost another 2 lbs, and have resolved to repeat the detox again in the new year.
- Dawn -
I've been having reflexology treatment with Andrea and noticed a huge improvement in a short space of time. Andrea has such a calming presence, is incredibly caring and provides excellent treatments. Her genuine care and concern is not something you find often and instantly makes you feel comfortable and safe. I always fall asleep during the treatments but wake up feeling relaxed and energised. Andrea is a gem! Di
- Di -

AMAZING... That is the first word it comes to mind when I think of the homeopathic treatment Sonia gave me.
Having had migraine since the age of 13, no traditional exam could explain why I had those migraines.
I was even submitted to a brain scan. Found nothing and the only explanation given was "It must be hereditary"


A friend recommended Homeopathy. After a couple months of homeopathic treatment I never ever had another migraine.
I honestly couldn't believe! Many years have past and till today I not tired of thanking Sonia for what she did.
Again, Thank you Sonia.


Arnold Beuttenmuller, 30 years old

- Arnold Beuttenmuller -
Emma, I just wanted to say a massive thank you for everything you have done for my physical and mental health! You have been fantastic. I have really felt very comfortable and at ease with you. I feel a lot more in control of my life and my body now. You are a wonderful person.
- Christina -
"I see Suzie regularly for a 90 minute sports massage and I consider it a vital part of my running training and recovery. She always manages to iron out any aches and pains and leave me feeling refreshed and repaired. Suzie is extremely professional, knowledgeable and personable and I am delighted to recommend her to new clients."
- Laura -
"Suzie is a fantastic therapist, who has the ability to find the knots, and get rid of them! She is professional, friendly, and able to tailor each treatment to how you are feeling that day. Totally recommended!"
- Liz -
"I met Suzannah after a very traumatizing cycling accident. Suzannah is a unique therapist whose healing nature puts you at ease while her hands do magic to sore and over-worked muscles. Suzannah is different to any other therapist in that she takes a personal interest in helping you to achieive balance throughout your body. Through my sessions with Suzannah I've come to trust in the healing power of massage."
- Katrina -
"I've been going to Suzie for many years now and its definetely the best reflexology I have found in the UK - I'm from East Asia and am a big fan of reflex and its important you get a good one! Her massages are also good and when I really want to treat myself I go for a combination, well worth it!"
- Yukiko -
Ruth has the perfect mix of professionalism and friendliness so you always feel really comfortable with her.  She is also very knowledgeable in terms of nutrition and can advise on any questions you have.  Always a great experience and I would highly recommend Ruth for Colonic Hydrotherapy!
- T.K, London -
I really felt I hit the jackpot in coming across Ruth about 6 months ago. I had neck, back and shoulder problems as well as a few other concerns around nutrition. Within my first few minutes of meeting Ruth, she had made a number of suggestions that have totally transformed my way of thinking in terms of my health and nutrition - and I haven't even mentioned how good she is at deep tissue massage! I have never used one massage specialist regularly before but Ruth really is excellent and I have become a regular client. I love the way she treats me as an individual and helps me to think about what is best for my body, mind and soul. It is clear Ruth absolutely loves what she does and she just wants the best for whoever she is treating. I don't know what I would do without her and I cannot recommend her enough!
- L.D, London -
I first met Ruth and had my first Colonic Hydrotherapy treatment in August 2012. It was always something I had been curious about but never had the courage to do. Ruth was great from day one and totally relaxed me before, during and after the treatment. I have been going back regularly now and will continue to do so. It has totally changed my life and my eating habits. I now understand after many years of fluctuating weight and bad diets, the real meaning of 'Lifestyle Change' and have embraced it. I will never be on a diet again and value the health of my internal self as well as the outside. Ruth also introduced me to Epsom Salts which have helped with my relaxation and anxiety no end, and I invested in a really good juicer, and I now have a vegetable or fruit juice every morning. :-)
- J.S, Surbiton, Surrey -
I love the genuine care and attention I received from Ruth , she is an excellent practitioner and I recommend her highly for Colonic Hydrotherapy.
- C F, London -
I was delighted when I found Daniela, an acupuncturist with a specialism in fertility, in Balham earlier this year. Although I had never had acupuncture before I wanted to do all that I could to boost my fertility. At the time my husband and I had been trying to conceive for almost 3 years with no success and were waiting for IVF treatment. The stress of feeling unable to have a child was becoming a huge burden and I felt powerless and quite stressed. Although nervous initially of acupuncture I was put at ease immediately by Daniela's wonderful manner and calm positivity. From the very first session I enjoyed the treatments immensely and would become so relaxed that I always fell asleep. Daniela changed the treatments on a weekly basis depending on how I was feeling and what medication I was taking for the IVF cycle so I always felt the sessions were very focused on my particular needs. The particularly wonderful thing about Daniela is that around the time of embryo transfer she went very much out of her way to make sure that I had my acupuncture treatments exactly as the evidence suggested it should be done. I am happy to say that the treatment certainly worked for me as I am now 13 weeks pregnant with twins!
- Sarah -
Daniela was recommended to me by a friend, as I had been suffering from continual stomach pain cause by fibroids, along with very heavy periods. By the time I went to see Daniela, I had been in pain for about a year, as well as being anxious and depressed about stressful situations at work and home. I only wish I gone to Daniela much sooner. After just one session the pain had improved, along with my general mood. After a number of sessions, combining acupuncture with Chinese herbal medicine, I was much more able to cope with stressful situations, had a more positive outlook, and the stomach pain had disappeared completely (except for a short time during ovulation). My periods are now much lighter and less painful- completely trouble free. Daniela is really lovely, and has helped me enormously. She takes a huge amount of time and care over the treatment, and I always leave the sessions feeling really positive, relaxed and ready to tackle whatever comes along! I can’t recommend her highly enough.
- Imogen -
Daniela goes the extra mile,....thank you for everything.
- Vicky and Tobi -
We wouldn't have him without you! Thank you.
- Anna -
Lindsey's massages are fabulous, I have had a couple and will be going back for more. She is extremely attentive in taking details of ailments and your needs as a client. She also tailors the intensity and she targets your most needed point!! She creates a calm and restful atmosphere through the ambience and her professional approach. Great service!
- Laura Douglas -
Lindsey's massages are spot on. Initially she spends the time to understand your needs and requirements, making you feel totally at ease and relaxed. With other masseuses, I often find myself wishing they would go a bit to the left, or hit that point... She just seems to know! That for me is the testament to a really GOOD masseuse - being knowledgeable and intuitive at the same time. Absolutely, 100% recommend.
- Caroline Brewin -
A deeply relaxing experience. Lindsey brings a welcome relief from every day life with calmness and professionalism and I enjoyed every moment.
- Alex Hart -
Rosanna is a wonderful therapist who gives her undivided attention and also gives a detailed report and recommendations for a healthy life. A session with her is highly recommended.
- Jas Eari -
Since starting this new regime, I do feel much better in myself. The pain I used to get in my chest/upper stomach region seems to have decreased as well as the cramps. My bowel movements are also much regular and consistent. Hence I do feel your advice and suggestions have been helping, and I appreciate this very much.
- Piara -
After searching around London for a therapist who could really do 'deep tissue' massage and isn't afraid to get into those knots, I was relieved to find Andrea who does exactly that. I have been regularly seeing her for the last few years as she is great and will cater to whatever particular trouble spots you have on the day. I have also tried the hot stone therapy which is a nice addition to deep tissue massage, especially in the winter months.
Andrea is very friendly, very reliable and treatments always seem to run on time. I would absolutely recommend her to my family or friends
- Nat -
I decided to have a course of reflexology treatments, I was a bit sceptical at first, but Andrea made me feel completely relaxed. I was totally amazed and will definitely be back for more treatments!
- Caren -
Hi, I just wanted to thank you so much for the reflexology treatment, at last a therapist that over-delivers. Wasn't sure what to expect at first but I was really impressed with you and the treatment - I felt very relaxed and rejuvenated. I have already recommended you!
- Nicky -
After having a treatment I felt so relaxed and rejuvenated, it is like I have had a whole night's sleep although the treatment may have only been for 45 minutes.
- Tracy -
I have been seeing Andrea for reflexology for a few months. Andrea has a great attitude, is very helpful and is easy to talk to. Her work is amazing and I always leave a session feeling relaxed and energised!
- Heather -
I had been suffering from lower back pain for years. As suggested by Andrea I started a weekly cycle of deep tissue massage with her about a month and a half ago. The pain has completely disappeared, and now I am able to sit at my computer every day without feeling it. I would certainly recommend her treatment to my friends and family.
- Marta -
I often get neck and shoulder ache from sitting at a desk all day. After the treatments I had no tension and realised that my posture when sitting at my desk was more comfortable. At the end of the treatment it felt like I'd had more than just my feet worked on!
- Carol -
I had been diagnosed with PCOS few years ago and struggled with the typical symptoms: rapid weight gain, water retention, lack of energy and hormonal imbalance. I was really desperate for help as doctors only kept prescribing new drugs which only made me worse – then I found Andrea and I never looked back! During my first appointment Andrea came across as a really caring and friendly, but most importantly knowledgeable person and suggested that I have lymphatic massage with reflexology to work on my crazy hormones, and for next few months my appointments with Andrea were the highlight of my week! Each treatment was super relaxing and worked wonders, within weeks I started losing weight and excess water, my face was glowing and I could feel my hormones are getting back to their normal levels. My energy was back too so I went back to running and swimming regularly which I could not face before my first appointment with Andrea. Six months later I went back to my doctor for a scan and he could not believe all my symptoms disappeared without any medication and my ovaries were now cyst- free! I can recommend Andrea to anyone; she’s an amazing person and therapist.
- Annie -
I just wanted to say thank you for today, I feel more supple. I think you're the best massage therapist I have ever been to. I highly recommend Andrea to my friends and family. Thank you again.
- Suzie -
I opted for Reflexology, but my intuitive therapist adds some Energy Work into the mix in a bid to rebalance my delicate digestive and immune systems. Though a course is recommended, I leave feeling far lighter in mind and return home to the best night's sleep in weeks. Treat indeed.
- Emine Ali Rushton -