I had been diagnosed with PCOS few years ago and struggled with the typical symptoms: rapid weight gain, water retention, lack of energy and hormonal imbalance. I was really desperate for help as doctors only kept prescribing new drugs which only made me worse – then I found Andrea and I never looked back! During my first appointment Andrea came across as a really caring and friendly, but most importantly knowledgeable person and suggested that I have lymphatic massage with reflexology to work on my crazy hormones, and for next few months my appointments with Andrea were the highlight of my week! Each treatment was super relaxing and worked wonders, within weeks I started losing weight and excess water, my face was glowing and I could feel my hormones are getting back to their normal levels. My energy was back too so I went back to running and swimming regularly which I could not face before my first appointment with Andrea. Six months later I went back to my doctor for a scan and he could not believe all my symptoms disappeared without any medication and my ovaries were now cyst- free! I can recommend Andrea to anyone; she’s an amazing person and therapist.


I often get neck and shoulder ache from sitting at a desk all day. After the treatments I had no tension and realised that my posture when sitting at my desk was more comfortable. At the end of the treatment it felt like I’d had more than just my feet worked on!


I would wholeheartedly recommend Andrea following my back, shoulder and neck massage. Like many people, that’s where I carry my stress and working at a desk all day adds to the strain. Consequently, I’ve had many such massages to help with tension and the treatment with Andrea was by far and away the best I have had.

Firstly, the pressure applied was neither too light or too heavy. The variety of massage therapists I have had in the past always fall into one of those two categories but Andrea was spot on.

My other pet hate is overly oily lotions but that used by Andrea did not leave me feel like a salad covered in dressing! Very smooth texture which added to the treatment.

As the treatment went on I could feel my shoulders and arms relaxing completely. My arms went from being firmly held by my side to just lolling off the sides of the table. I had to be helped back into my
top as my arms and shoulders felt so loose and relaxed.

The final touch was when I went home so relaxed that I had a nice afternoon nap which is a real achievement for a stress bunny like me!

I will be visiting again.

Debbie, Balham

I’ve been having reflexology treatment with Andrea and noticed a huge improvement in a short space of time. Andrea has such a calming presence, is incredibly caring and provides excellent treatments. Her genuine care and concern is not something you find often and instantly makes you feel comfortable and safe. I always fall asleep during the treatments but wake up feeling relaxed and energised. Andrea is a gem! Di


I opted for Reflexology, but my intuitive therapist adds some Energy Work into the mix in a bid to rebalance my delicate digestive and immune systems. Though a course is recommended, I leave feeling far lighter in mind and return home to the best night’s sleep in weeks. Treat indeed.

Emine Ali Rushton

I just wanted to say thank you for today, I feel more supple. I think you’re the best massage therapist I have ever been to. I highly recommend Andrea to my friends and family. Thank you again.


Additional Testimonial for Anita Chakraburtty’s Bio August 2018

After a year of suffering with severe nausea and stomach upsets I went to see Anita to see if she could help me. After only 2 visits and a few bottles of herbs I have already started feeling much better and my symptoms have reduced greatly! Anita is super approachable, makes you feel ok about what’s going on (and positive about getting better) and looks at the whole picture of your health not just masking symptoms. I would highly recommend her!

Annie, London

I came to Anita as a last resort for post-pill amenorrhea. My hormones were imbalanced and I felt tired & irritable all the time & it was starting to affcet my daily life.

Anita listened to my situation and concerns and mixed different herbs specifically for my personal symptoms and to balance my hormones naturally.
Six weeks later I had my first period in 10 months and I finally feel like myself again!

Charlotte, London

Anita really helped me to improve my skin condition. I suffered from moderate acne for several years and after trying hormonal and different medications, I decided to go for a more natural approach. With Anita’s herbal remedies & diet recommendations my skin has visibly improved. Anita also restored my general well-being, helped me to reduce tiredness and boosted my confidence.

Francesca, London

I found my Astrological reading with Anita absolutely fascinating and astonishingly accurate. She was correct about virtually every aspect of my character, life experiences and even health problems and was able to provide valuable insights into my personal struggles. The reading gave me clarity and confidence that I was on the right path. She’s clearly a very talented astrologer!

Harry, London

After only a few months of treatment I was already feeling myself growing stronger, more energized and balanced, my candida symptoms disappeared. 6 months later and I have not had a single debilitating low and my monthly cycle feels manageable. I would strongly recommend Anita for any woman suffering with mood/hormonal/digestive issues who wants to take their heath into their own hands with some expert guidance – there is a way forward! Thank you Anita for putting me back in touch with who I used to be!

Isidora, London

Anita’s 12 months predictive session is a great tool to go back and refer to as time unfolds. It is packed to the brim with information on every aspect of your life and how the stars are affecting it throughout the year. Anita is great at giving colour to the data without drifting into jargon and you leave feeling prepped to seize opportunities and look out for any potential pitfalls.

Katja, London

My Shamanic healing session with Anita was one of the BEST energy healing treatments I have ever had. Once I settled into a comfortable position, my descent into a healing space crept up on me and I only realised I had entered a deep relaxation zone when the session was brought to an end. It’s hard to describe what it felt like but I’ve tried a few other practitioners and Anita was one of the most intuitive, caring and talented healers I’ve come across.
Each session has been slightly different but I look forward to them each time and she never disappoints.

Michael, Sydney

When I was first introduced to Anita I was struck by her jovial personality, and I quickly felt comfortable with her. She explained that my Astrology chart and our discussion of it could be done remotely, me being in New York and her in Sydney Australia. While I was at first a bit sceptical, my hesitations fell completely to the wayside as Anita led me through my complete chart via Skype.

Anita took the time to explain both detailed and broader points and invited me to interject with questions. This was the first time that I have had my chart done, and I found it to be an incredibly valuable experience. Anita unearthed matters that no one but myself would know. I highly recommend Anita for her Astrology services, and I plan to schedule another session with her in the near future myself.

Ty, New York

The results after the first treatment were astonishing. Barry managed to completely release tension in my hamstrings and IT band even though they were previously treated at a different clinic without any results. We have also been working on bringing more mobility in my spine and hips which has had a profound effect on my yoga practice, creating greater range of movement and ease. The sessions are only 30 min long and Barry does not waste time managing to address everything that needs treating. Very professional! Highly recommend!

Ashka Zasada / Yoga teacher

I have had five sessions with Barry for shoulder and back pains. He is extremely professional and has a pleasant manner which helps to make you feel comfortable. I have noticed a huge improvement from the sessions which is a massive relief as I have been putting up with these problems for 12 years now. In short I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone.

Dave Kerrigan / Office worker

I have suffered chronic pain to my hip, back and shoulder following a physical attack 10 years ago. Since sustaining my injuries, I’ve never been out of pain. I’ve tried all types of therapy, and practiced yoga for years to control and ease the pain…none of which have provided any degree of relief.

I visited Barry after my doctor recommended osteopathy. After just one session I experienced a good level of pain relief. After 3 sessions I have enjoyed substantial and prolonged pain relief in all areas of injury..at times feeling no pain at all.

As a result of Barry’s treatment I feel uplifted with an increased sense of well being. Barry is an amazing osteopath who knows exactly what to target. He combines many techniques, treats you holistically, is intuitive, attentive, and tunes in well with all your body connections.

He talks you through treatment providing invaluable information, and gives practical exercises/advice for further improvement at home. He is personable and approachable and makes you feel like you’re really in ‘good hands’ during treatment.

I highly recommend him for pain reduction/elimination to deep set, long standing injuries. Not only is he an excellent osteopath with great practice that gives incredible results ..he’s also a really nice guy who puts you at ease as soon as you meet him.

Heidi Desmet

I often come to visit Barry, very broken through working a physical job and through wrestling. I always leave feeling lighter, more flexible and pain free! I’d say it’s magic but actually he is just the best osteopath I have ever visited!

Rhia O’Reilly / Personal trainer and Wrestler

A deeply relaxing experience. Lindsey brings a welcome relief from every day life with calmness and professionalism and I enjoyed every moment.

Alex Hart

I have recently had a baby and Zoe has been a brilliant great source of help, both during and after my pregnancy. So much so, I am finding it too hard to give her up! She is highly professional, flexible and her Massage, Reiki and Reflexology skills are second to none. She is also lovely to talk to too. My weekly Zoe time is totally precious and I would recommend her in an instant to anyone in need of some special R and R