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Amelia Critchlow Theta Healer

Theta Healer

Amelia Critchlow comes from a line of Spiritual Intuitives, and as a trained artist discovered she was also able to ‘see’ energy and undertake intuitive readings. She trained in Theta Healing® as part of an ongoing journey to heal herself of physical pain and ailments, to understand why the things had happened in her life as they had and to know she had the power to create positive changes in her own life. (And she has done all 3!)

Amelia realised that unless Mind, Body and Spirit (Soul) are in balance it is much harder to live a happy, healthy positive and abundant life. This includes our energy, thoughts, food and being consciously creative. Living a life we love in abundance, health and happiness is open to all.

Amelia is an Advanced Theta Practitioner certified by THInK® – Theta Healing Institute of Knowledge with Certification in ‘Basic DNA’, ‘Advanced DNA’, ‘Dig Deeper’ and ‘Manifesting & Abundance’ and is currently studying Soul Realignment® and Akashic Record Reading.

Amelia offers sessions here on Wednesdays & Fridays.

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Mandy Gordon Movement Director, London, UK

“I just wanted to feedback that the work you have done has been phenomenal! I feel quite moved out of darkness. So much so that I can see many things going on in my life much more clearly now, with an insight on what to do next. I feel infinitely better. Thank you so much!”