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Edward Thompson Physiotherapist Imbalance Muscle Alignment


Edward helps people become more active and mobile, live free from painkillers and stay out of the doctors office.
The biggest mistake people make is to live with ongoing pain and discomfort which limits daily life. Edward works to find the root cause of your problem and provides effective solutions to help you recover.

When in the treatment room Edward enjoys understanding the person in front of him to make sure he can find the best solution for his clients.
Helping people see the true potential of what their bodies can do is why he loves physiotherapy. He has helped 100’s of people during his 5 years in the profession of physiotherapy in the NHS and private sector recover from injury.

Former physiotherapist at a premiership football team and at a private tennis club Edward has worked extensively in sport and strives for excellence in his practice. In his experience he finds the best outcomes from using hands on therapy to reduce muscle tension and stiffness and therapeutic exercise to optimise core control, balance and strength.

Edward always takes the time to share his knowledge and experience and would encourage potential clients to get in touch to learn more about how he could help.

What Edward’s patients say about him…

Thank you Edward Thompson for the wonderful care you gave me during my post surgery Shoulder therapy program. I so did appreciate that you always took the time to answer my questions and explain things in detail for me. Your friendly attitude, made coming to your therapy sessions something I looked forward to.” Unlike the unpleasant 9 session experience I previously endured during my pre surgery Physio therapy sessions which took place at a different facility. I am writing today to let you know I was very pleased with the results of my therapy. It allowed me the base to completely restore my shoulders function. Ed I would Sincerely like to take this opportunity to recommend your Therapy Services to anyone requiring a dedicated; knowledgable and professional Physiotherapist with a kind and caring heart who’s genuinely interested in focusing on the wellness of his clients. I wish you continued success as you go forward in your career as a brilliant Physiotherapist who takes pride in helping others to heal. Sandy Chamberlain 22nd June 2017

“I have been suffering with a bad back pain over the last couple of years. I was referred to Edward for consultation and treatment through my GP. Edward listened to me with great attention to detail and made a very effective diagnosis of my problem, He provided expert and comprehensive advice on my problem and gave me excellent care and prescribed the right exercises, which helped me to alleviate my pain and I have been making great progress. I felt extremely secure in the knowledge and the professionalism of Edward. He has also got a positive and pleasing personality. I would have no hesitation in recommending Edward to my friends and family for any physiotherapy consultation / treatment.” Rajkoomar Poorna 16th June 2017

“In the summer of 2016 I fractured two thoracic vertebrae in a freak surfing accident and I instantly feared the worse as I saw an active lifestyle ahead of me shattered. To help me back on my way to full fitness I needed someone who understood my personal goals and ambitious timescales: daily exercise within 3 months. Edward immediately understood the psychological effect such an injury can have on those who exercise regularly and reassured me that the ability to return to full fitness was achievable and within my own powers. The depth of Edward’s technical knowledge was evident from day one, coupling this with his compassionate approach and genuine concern for the wellbeing of others suggests this young and talented physiotherapist has a bright future ahead of him and all those he empowers along the way.” William Andrew May 16th 2017

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