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Emma Jeng

Emma Jeng

Advanced Energy Field Healer and Massage Therapist

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Emma is an Advanced Energy Field Healer and works in varied capacities: in the clinic, distantly, animals, homes, businesses. She came across this unique form of healing through introduction of a friend and by working as a massage Practitioner. She noticed she was clairsentient when she could feel the ailments/moods of clients and was often overwhelmed at the end of the day. She completed her training with Sue Zange of Inspirit in 2010.

What happens during an energy field healing? Emma will connect with your energy and respond to what the priority is. Each session is unique. It will usually consist of cleansing and balancing your energy and healing/transforming the dense areas within your field. Think of it as an energy re-boot, a kick start, you will be more aligned and in a better position to move forward in life with greater ease: clarity, strength and purpose.

How is the healing carried out? Emma uses energy techniques to cleanse and align your energy. She will clear those blockages in your energy field that are ready to be healed and transformed, these could be: physical ailments, emotional, mental, or spiritual issues. You could be struggling as a result of your non-serving connections with: other people, places, your family lineage, or as a residue energy from your karma/past lives. Her aim will always be to find the root cause of your blocks and heal them. Depending on the nature of your blocks this may require time and further sessions to resolve. She will advise and give you honest feedback.

2014 Teacher of The Subtle Energy Awareness Programme
2010 Advanced Energy Field Healing
2009 Energy Field Healing
2008 Touchpro Seated Acupressure Training
2006 ITEC in Onsite Massage
2004 ITEC In Anatomy & Physiology
2004 ITEC In Holistic Massage
2017 First Aid

Available At Feel Good Balham

Friday 16:00 - 20:00
Saturday 10:00 - 14:00
Sunday 11:00 - 15:00

Treatments Offered By Emma Jeng

Energy Field Healing  

Energy Field Healing    

75min EFH £75

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Treatment Energy Field Healing
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