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Laura’s approach to therapeutic work is warm, compassionate and collaborative. You will work together in a confidential space to explore what is causing you to experience difficult feelings such as sadness or anxiety.  

Exploring and clarifying your thoughts, feelings and behaviours will help you to understand why you may be encountering difficult or unwanted patterns in your life. By increasing your self-awareness, you will begin to work towards a greater sense of purpose and meaning, as well as improving your relationships with others.  

Laura is an integrative psychotherapist which means she draws upon a range of therapeutic modalities tailored to suit you. You will meet for an initial session to talk about what has brought you to therapy and to allow you to experience what it might be like in therapy and to work with Laura. Laura believes a good therapeutic relationship is essential in enabling you to feel safe, secure and understood.  

Sessions are 50 minutes long and take place on a weekly basis. Appointments are available in the evenings for £60 per session.

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