Norah Jane Brasington

//Norah Jane Brasington

Clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Master NLP and EFT practitioner, Reflexologist

Drawing on her own personal background in business she understands how easy it is to feel ‘stuck on a treadmill’ at times. She travelled extensively during her time as a fashion buyer, production manager and then proprietor of her own fashion consultancy business between 1987 and 2004. She then decided on a career change at least partly due to the global shifts prompted by 9/11. Up until that point her life had been all about work, but after being close to burn-out several times she realised that life is actually about balance and harmony and working with a coach helped her make the changes in her life to become the therapist she is today.

Norah Jane qualified as a Reflexologist, clinical Hypnotherapist, Life Coach and became a Master NLP and EFT practitioner in 2003. She also trained with The EFT Centre founders Emma Roberts and Sue Beer as a level 3 practitioner and was privileged to work alongside them at their busy practices. It was during this time that a large percentage of her clients were coming with fertility issues so she went on to undertake further studies in that specialist field including Fertility2Birth and HypnoBirthing, Reflexology for Maternity & Natural birth, Pre-conception Reflexology and VRT (Vertical Reflex Therapy) and Conversational Hypnotherapy.

As a Fertility Coach, Norah Jane views every client’s issues with compassion and sensitivity, bringing her individual blend of creativity and humour to each session. A pre-session questionnaire is required before the initial consultation as she works with you to identify and acknowledge emotional blocks (either conscious or unconscious) that are getting in the way of your fertility. She will often use a combination of therapies to help you to eradicate any stress and anxiety to help re-balance your health and well-being mentally and physically and will also teach you self help tools. She specialises in care for all stages of fertility from preconception (including IVF) to natural birth, working with relationship issues, eating disorders and weight loss as they can all impact fertile health too.

As a Repro-Reflexologist Norah Jane will also send out a pre-session questionnaire to be sure she has all your details about your fertile journey, including any tests that you & your partner may have had. Diet and lifestyle information will be provided together with help and advice about temperature charting.

Reflexology is safe throughout all stages of pregnancy and after 38weeks I offer combined sessions with relaxing hypnosis to help you prepare for natural birth and gently nudge baby out into the world.

Tailor-made packages are available.

Reflexology, Pre-Conception Reflexology, Maternity Reflexology, Post Natal Reflexology
Hypnotherapy, Fertility Hypnosis, HypnoBirthing
Life Coaching, Coaching, Fertility Coaching.

Norah Jane is a member of the AOR (Association of Reflexologists), ARR ( Association of Repro- Flexologists), BIH (British Institute of Hypnotherapy) and is also fully CRB checked.

Tuesday:17:30 - 21:30



I thoroughly enjoy reflexology sessions (primarily for fertility issues) with Norah, as it is always about much more than my feet and a good rest! Norah’s sessions begin with a discussion of recent events at work or at home which provides an update on my current physical and emotional health prior to treatment.


I began seeing Norah for reflexology a few weeks before I was due with my first child. I had become very anxious, as the hospital was planning to induce me on my due date. While I sought reflexology treatment to physically prepare my body for labour, I found great mental as well as physical benefits from the treatment.


Finding Norah has been my life blessing;- having gone through several courses of IVF, my husband and I finally succeeded and now have a beautiful son. Throughout all the courses of IVF I received reflexology treatments from Norah which helped me relax and through her coaching she has kept me headstrong and positive.


I came to Norah for Reflexology and I’d gone from stressed to relaxed in an instant. Norah’s highly professional and warm demeanour immediately put you at ease and although at first I was convinced I was just resting my eyes I was soon deeply asleep! …The best sleep I’d had in days! Norah carried out a meditation during the treatment and the cd playing was the perfect sound-track to gently lull me into not wanting to leave the chair! I highly recommend anyone looking to try reflexology to book Norah as soon as you can.


I have had a wonderful experience with reflexology with Norah. It was the first time in my life I tried reflexology and Norah provides great support, she is patient and calm. Coming to the sessions and having time to concentrate on myself has helped me with my fertility treatment. I would definitely recommend Norah. Thanks!!


Norah has helped me greatly to achieve a state of relaxation in preparation for the birth of my third child. Apart from her skills as a therapist, she is both, kind, helpful and very easy to talk to about any and every worry or anxiety.


I have been seeing Norah during my IVF treatment and it’s one of the best things I’ve done. After each session I feel so relaxed and stress free. Norah is very warm and understanding and makes you feel incredibly at ease. Without her my IVF treatment would have been quite different. Thanks Norah!


Norah is a pleasure to see; she makes every effort to listen & respond with most appropriate treatment that she feels you need – above all else I always walk away feeling relaxed and calm. Thank Norah!


After months of feeling anxious and stressed with work and having previously been ‘signed off’ with potential CFS by the doctor, I decided to experiment with reflexology. I was incredibly lucky to find Norah. She’s brilliant at what she does; she combined reflexology with hypnotherapy for maximum relaxation – what originally began with one session quickly turned into many more.