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Waquefa Barnard Advanced Energy Field Healer

Energy Field Healer

Waquefa became interested in energy healing when she had an accident seven years ago which caused her to suffer from whiplash, a friend offered her an energy session and in that session she felt the pain release from her neck and it was only a 30 min session.

This sparked her interest in alternative therapy, at the time she was working in a pharmaceutical company as a sales representative, which she whole heartedly believed in. With this experience she realised there was another form of treatment that wasn’t mainstream and started looking into it.

She has done several other healing modalities, but for her, Energy Field healing is the one she has a real passion and talent for. She believes this is a comprehensive practice. It takes into account the clients energy field and what the client is ready for and can process in his/her time after the session. She will help release patterns, beliefs, traumas from the original point, in this life time or past lives. So the clients energy field can achieve it’s natural flow. This will help with everyday life and all aspects of the clients life ie relationships, wealth, health and career.

Qualification: Advanced Energy Field Healer

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Sunday:11:00 - 15:00
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I started seeing Waquefa to release old blocks and align my energies as I was constantly feeling ungrounded and not connected to source. I have been trying to find the root cause of my health issues and was hoping she could help me do this. I was feeling a lot of anxiety, stress and overwhelm and a myriad of other symptoms related to my health and lifestyle. After seeing Waquefa (particularly the last session!), I feel much more aligned.

R.P Vancouver, Canada

I went to Waquefa when I was suffering from depression and anxiety and had never been in a serious relationship. Through only three groundbreaking treatments she managed to help me get to the root of depression and I started feeling much less anxious.

S.L Netherlands

I have been going through a very tough phase in life and I couldn’t get rid of the dense energy I felt. After 2 distance healing sessions with Waquefa I am feeling more clear, grounded and after being in a state of survival for years, I am starting to make plans again.