Amanae Release Bodywork

///Amanae Release Bodywork
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AMANAE is a heart – based bodywork that facilitates the release of deeply held emotions and clear the way for profound healing and personal discovery. The technique is based on the activation and opening of points or ‘doorways’ throughout the body. These doorways are access points for the body’s deep wisdom. The process invites you to come into the points with your breath and awareness to discover and feel what is held there and allow the body to express these feelings.

AMANAE works with the idea that the body always remembers even if the mind doesn’t. Muscles, bones, skin, cells carry unexpressed sadness, love, fear, grief, anger, shame, guilt, joy and a lot more of so much lived during this lifetime.

During the AMANAE session clients lay down on a massage table and doorways are activated, first on the heart then others along the body. The therapist applies firm pressure and movements while both, client and therapist, are connecting / meeting with conscious breath and presence in the point. AMANAE is an active technique that empowers YOU to realize YOU are YOUR own healer. By bringing breath and awareness to these places where stuck emotions are held, by saying “YES” in these, we can release what is held there and create space to live life more fully in the body and lead from the heart.

AMANAE it is really effective to transform destructive patterns and negative belief systems, release pain & struggle from the body and rediscover a new sense of joy and freedom.

During the session there can be physical and/or emotional releases such as crying or laughter. Some people experience releases as heat, some as tingles or a vibration.

Experiences can differ from person to person and also from session to session.

After the session you can feel tired, energized, uplifted, centred, calmed or a bit spaced out. It is highly recommended to drink lots of water to help the clearing process and refrain from caffeine or alcoholic drinks at least during the session day, as well as giving yourself relaxing time to integrate the work.

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