Dry Needling

///Dry Needling
Modern Medical Acupuncture

Dry Needling also known as Modern Medical Acupuncture, or Western Acupuncture, is specifically used for the treatment of muscle and joint pain.

The needles are gently inserted into muscle trigger points – the tender nodules or knots within your muscle. Dry Needling is thought to work in a number of different ways, including by:

  • Increasing blood flow locally to the inserted needle.
  • Decreasing muscle tension.
  • Decreasing substance p, a neurotransmitter associated with
    inflammation and the pain process.
  • Increasing the release of endorphins that block pain signals.
  • Modulating pain, both at a spinal cord level and within the brain.

Dry Needling is particularly effective when used in conjunction with Osteopathy or Sports Massage.

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