Gestalt Therapy

///Gestalt Therapy
Relaxation, stress,calm, tranquil

Gestalt therapy is a talking therapy and form of counselling, that helps clients develop their self-awareness and grow their ability to respond effectively to situations and problems in their lives. Gestalt therapy shares many aspects with mindfulness based therapeutic approaches. It helps clients to focus on their present thoughts, feelings and behaviours and what is really happening in their lives right now, rather than on what they may perceive to be happening based on past experience. Through the gestalt process, clients learn to become aware of their own thought patterns and behaviours that are blocking their development and no longer helping them in their present lives. The Gestalt approach also provides a space for clients to experiment and develop new ways of living that can better suit them.

Gestalt’s focus on the present moment, and on the client’s immediate thoughts and feelings, make it a very lively, spontaneous and creative approach. For clients, the greater holistic awareness and increased insight into how we think, feel and act can be very liberating. It builds self-confidence, frees people to address issues and helps them to live life to its fullest potential.

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