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The map of the sky, directly above you at your time of birth, is similar to your DNA. The arrangement of the 4 nucleotides that make up DNA will predict your hair colour, height, skin colour and likelihood of heart disease, cancer, osteoporosis etc.

In the same way, the arrangement of the Sun, Moon and planets at the time and location of your birth will predict your career, your romantic life, your family life, your religious beliefs, your academic prowess etc.

Medieval Astrology first appeared in approximately 900 C.E and emanated from the Arab world, possibly Persia. Medieval Astrology places you in the centre of your Universe, holding YOU accountable for the positive and negative outcomes in your life. Anita’s analysis is complex, but very black and white. After a session you will know EXACTLY what you need to do to get your life back on track, to manifest the money, relationship, good health and career that you desire.

In May 2008 Anita completed both her Modern Astrology and Numerology studies with Dr Neil Hair (Principal of the Sydney School of Numerology).

Then, after four years of study Anita gained her Diploma in Medieval Astrology via the ‘Astrological Guild of Educators’. Her lecturers were Joy Usher and Mari Garcia, who are International speakers, published authors and researchers.

Clients who are new to Astrology usually request a Birth Chart Reading. You will understand yourself intricately after this session. Once you understand how you sabotage your financial dreams, your romantic relationships, your health and spiritual goals then you will acquire the knowledge to shift your life dramatically!

All consultations are digitally recorded for you to download afterwards to your smartphone or laptop.

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