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Naturopathy can be used to improve the symptoms of many conditions for which you may visit a GP.

Conditions such as anxiety, fatigue, insomnia, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, palpitations, COPD, asthma, hyper or hypo thyroidism, infertility, PCOS, endometriosis, adult acne, eczema, dermatitis, adrenal exhaustion, autoimmune conditions, urinary tract infections, constipation and many more.

Naturopathy uses three main principles:

  • The body can heal itself by its ‘vital force’ and inherent intelligence. This can be stimulated via the use of herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, vibrational essences and lifestyle changes.
  • The 3 main systems within all living beings are structural, emotional and biochemical. One of these being out of kilter causes disruption to the whole person.
  • We are all individuals. Two people with chronic knee pain will require two entirely different approaches to reduce their inflammation, pain, increase flexibility and improve their mood.

During a Naturopathic consultation, the therapist may use Iridology at the very beginning. Your iris is divided into many segments that relate to different parts of the body. By looking at these, the therapist can assess where you require the most urgent assistance.

The therapist may then ask you many questions including:

  • Your family medical history
  • Your diet (you will be asked to bring a 3 day diet diary with you)
  • Your sleep & energy levels
  • Your bowel movements
  • Your periods
  • Your mood and emotional state
  • Your most pressing physical symptoms

At the end of the consult the therapist will explain what herbal medicines, nutritional medicines and vibrational medicines she intends to prescribe to help you, and for what specific reasons. They will also give you diet and lifestyle advice.

As a general rule, the longer you have experienced your symptoms, the more sessions you may require. So if you have had ulcerative colitis for 10 years, you may need more sessions than a sufferer of only 12 months. However, as we are all individuals…this rule may not always apply!

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