Soul Plan for Relationships

///Soul Plan for Relationships
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Life is relationship, that is why we are here, to learn more about ourselves and grow through our relationship with others.

If we are in conflict in our relationships, it is merely showing us where we are in conflict with ourselves. Guilt, resentment, anger, all low vibe, that is doing much more harm to your mental and physical health then to the other person or people who triggered it.

Love yourself enough to understand when and how this energy became stuck and release yourself from it. And watch your relationship with not only yourself change, but with others too.

And just as you have your own unique life experiences and ways of being in the world, so does your partner, friends and family members.

A beautiful way of gaining a deeper understanding of yourself is through a Soul Plan Reading. A Soul Plan Reading gives you the gift of insight; a deeper understanding of who you are and what you are here for. It is a life purpose reading based on your birth name which provides you with a road map, or a secret code if you like, to help you identify and transform any challenges or unhelpful patterns, discover your natural gifts and talents and embrace them in order to align with your life purpose and be more in the flow of life.

A Soul Plan Reading for relationships – will help you gain a deeper understanding of not only yourself but the person you are in a relationship with, whether a partner, friend or family member.
In terms of couples, the ability to read the Soul Plans of a couple goes beyond any dating service to determine compatibility.

A reading will help you to identify difficulties experienced by a present or ex-partner to increase awareness and allow for understanding and healing. It will allow you to improve compassion and understanding for yourself and for them and help you both to bring out the best in each other.
A reading can be done as an individual or together.

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