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///Theta Healing®
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Theta Healing® enables you (through our sessions together) to make positive changes in your life, to heal yourself and to create the results you want and good life experiences from a place of understanding, rather than feeling you don’t understand why this is happening (or not happening for you), why you have the ailments you have and why you feel the way you do.

Un-expressed emotions and feelings and sub-conscious limiting beliefs get trapped in the body over time and start to manifest in our world as our life experiences (i.e. ‘things aren’t working’) and physical ailments. This, alongside lifestyle and how we care for our bodies, can lead to challenges.

So how do Theta Healing sessions work? We sit and discuss what is and isn’t working for you, begin to discover why and decide what you want to work on. I will connect with your energy & source energy and do a body scan (energetic reading) to see what is happening. I look at where energy is trapped or un-aligned, understand why and through connection to source energy we spiritually clear and re-align your energy. We will also discover, release and change self-limiting/negative beliefs & replace them with positive ones (Downloads) using applied kinesiology (muscle testing), which identifies sub-conscious thoughts. Discussion, connection to Quantum Energy and applied kinesiology form the basis of Theta Healing® (‘Theta’ is the Meditative brainwave where we can connect to ‘All That Is’ to witness, release and change).


  • Experience the positive benefits of an energy clearing
  • Release self-sabotaging thoughts (which are showing up in your life as negative experiences currently) and replace with positive ones
  • Understand why things have unfolded as they have
  • Feel empowered and know how to make changes
  • Get techniques and ‘Downloads’ to move forward in your life
  • Create positive life experiences from a place of understanding
  • Begin to heal and create & live your life with happiness, direction, health & intention

Theta Healing is simple and very effective. Whilst it may touch on emotions it is pain-free and is very self-empowering, leaving your energy clearer, and giving you a sense of direction and knowledge on how to make changes now.

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