Womb Energy Work

///Womb Energy Work
Abdominal Digestive Massage

This treatment is for women who want to feel a deeper connection to their femininity, feminine power, and creative energy and/or desires, as well as, heal past wounds or traumas regarding their femininity, body, or reproductive system.

The therapist begins your session by asking what is going on for you now. Then you lay down in comfortable clothing and receive an energy healing. The therapist holds their hands above your body, chakras and womb space and uses their intuitive sense (and spiritual healing from guides) to clear energy and ground you. They guide you through a womb breath practise to deepen your connection to your womb and feminine energy.  The therapist may receive intuitive messages from the energy of your body and womb that will support you on your journey. You may experience the sensation of energy opening and expanding your womb space. You may see visions and receive messages from your intuition. Wounding from the past may come up from the depths of your subconscious to be released. This allows you to break down walls and connect to your truth of divine love inside.

Benefits: increase energy flow in your womb space, helps to release past wounds, tightness, numbness in your womb and sex organs, greater sense of feminine empowerment, greater sense of self-love, greater connection to your intuition and inner wise-woman, greater sense of femininity, feel more grounded, feel more connected to body.

After the session: you may feel tired, dizzy, relaxed. It is recommended to drink lots of water after the session and rest. Go gentle on yourself for a few days after the session as you will have shifted energy and need to rest and sooth your system.

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