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Change your thoughts, change your life

Are there times you react to a situation in a way you wished you hadn’t but you don’t know why you did? Or perhaps no matter how much you tell yourself you will go to the gym or stop reaching for that comfort food; speak up for yourself, volunteer to do that presentation, or make that decision to change jobs or be different in a relationship, but nothing seems to change?

Have you ever wondered why this may be happening? That no matter how many promises you make to yourself, or how hard you try, you find yourself eventually slipping back into those same old patterns?
The answer lies in your sub-conscious mind. The sub conscious runs as much as 85 to 90 percent of the brain. This part of the brain that allows you to never forget how to ride a bike or drive your car – or even drive your car home without you actually remembering how you got to your regular destination.

Your subconscious records all of your experiences from conception, if not before, as well as all the beliefs you made about yourself and the world because of those experiences. It is a tape that continually runs and holds information, much of which you are largely unaware of consciously.

Perhaps in childhood learnt patterns such as – I feel sad, I need a treat; or I’ve done really well, I deserve a treat. Or perhaps you may not remember being laughed at as a kid for fluffing your lines but your subconscious absolutely will and will be protecting you from that happening again by creating a physical fear of public speaking or being seen. And of course, beliefs made from traumatic moments in life.

Now when you make a decision to go on a diet, or go running every day, or change a certain behaviour, whatever it may be – by just using your conscious mind – your willpower – is going to be just about the hardest uphill struggle to achieve your goal. It’s your old Nokia going up against Nasa’s supercomputer.
Is it time to press stop on that tape and change how it runs?

Energy healing tools allow you to release those fears and triggers of your subconscious patterns, that either come from the past or when you are projecting yourself into the future. They all feel very real but I can assure you that they are not, this is stuck energy and can be moved and shifted.

Your reaction to any of these subconscious memories and beliefs being triggered is entirely unique to you – to either go into defence mode, or hiding mode – flight, fright or freeze.

We can never ‘think’ our way out of a behaviour or emotion – by following the ‘energy’ of that behaviour and feeling, is when you can get to the root of the pattern and change the tape.

Change the tape, change your life.