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Pregnancy Treatments

There are few things in life that are more restorative than a good massage.

When you are expecting a child, massage and reflexology treatments can be just what the doctor ordered…. In fact it can be what helps you to cope with the physical and emotional changes that occur in your body and make the pregnancy more enjoyable.

Every pregnancy is different, if you are lucky you will glow and feel amazing the whole way through but most people will suffer with a few ailments such as achy hips, SPD, stiff muscles, swollen ankles, heavy and tired legs, nausea, heart burn and sluggish digestion.
Although a very exciting time, apprehension, anxiety and tiredness can creep in and stress hormones can be passed through to the baby, so it is a great opportunity to take some time out to relax before your little one arrives and they will feel the benefits too.

Treatments include a detailed consultation on the first session to personalise a treatment plan and combine techniques including body massage and specific pregnancy reflexology points and acupressure points.
The pregnancy treatment is carried out using safe positioning to ensure comfort throughout and is suitable for all trimesters. Regular treatments can help to prepare you emotionally and physically for labour and can also help to aid recovery after the birth.